Our Special Menu is served for our valued  guests. We are entitled both Oriental and International Foods at Saithong Cuisine. And Kiang Fah Sky Lounge is Outdoor on the top of Hotel. You can enjoy our food wth majestic view of Bangkok Old City that is called Rattanakosin Island or in Thai

"Koh Rattanakosin


ป๋อเปี๊ยะทอด                                                  100
Fried Spring Rolls      
ผัดไท                                                              150
Fried Noodles with Shrimps      
ไก่ผัดเม็ดมะม่วง                                          140
Fried Chicken with Cashewnuts      
ต้มยำกุ้งเคียงฟ้า (S-L)                                          180, 350
Spicy Prawns Soup (S-L)      
แกงเขียวหวานไก่, หมู                                   130
Green Curry with Pork or Chicken      
แกงมัสมั่นไก่, หมู                                        120

Sweet Curry with Chicken or Pork  


 The Grande Ville Hotel Bangkok: Classic Bangkok  Hotel

Nearby Khaosarn+China Town

 King Rama I of Chakree Dynasty decided in 1782 to establish the new capital Bangkok on the eastern bank of the Chao Phraya River. The Chinese immigrants who were originally settled in the area that is now the Grand Palace had to move out to a strip of land a kilometer down the river.


 Over the years the settlement grew.  Today, Chinatown Bangkok or Yaowarat covers a square bounded by Phadung Krung Kasem Canal to the east, the Ong Ang Canal to the west, Luang Road to the north and the Chao Phraya River to the south, an area of about 2 sq km.


The casual visitor to Chinatown would probably only have the time and energy to cover the main street Yaowarat Road where most of the activities are concentrated. The other road of interest is Rachawong Road which is off Yaowarat Road.

If you are coming to Chinatown by road the most convenient way to start your tour of this Bangkok legacy is to take the subway to the Hua Lam Phong station located on the eastern bank of the Phadung Krung Kasem Canal. Nearby is the Hua Lam Phong railway station from which trains travel to every part of Thailand.

Across the road from the train station is Traimit Road where the famous Wat Traimit or Temple of the Golden Buddha stands. This wat houses a 3 m high Buddha made of more than 5 tonnes of gold!

Within the same compound as Wat Traimit, is the Saphanthawong Museum a community museum dedicated to the early Chinese immigrants in Bangkok.

Outside the main entrance of Wat Traimit is a traffic island on which stands a huge Chinese arched gate, the Odeon Gate, built in 1999 to mark the 72nd birthday of King Bhumipol, the present king. This gate marks the start of Yaowarat Road and the walking tour of the rest of Chinatown.

Yaowarat Road, the main street in Chinatown Bangkok, was built in the reign of King Rama V. The crowded street winds through bustling heart of Chinatown like a mythical dragon rearing its head at the Odeon Gate. Shop signs in both Thai and Chinese give the visitor a clear indication that he's in Chinatown.

The street is lined with ubiquitous goldsmith shops, sharks' fin and birds nest restaurants, shops and vendors selling Chinese herbal medicine, dried mushrooms, salted fish, roast duck, Chinese calendars, almanacs and of course, lottery tickets. The avid bargain hunter would have a ball a time browsing through the shops and stalls.

Every year during the Chinese New Year, Yaowarat Road is closed to traffic for street festivities, lion dances and food fairs. A member of the royal family attends the occasion every year much to the joy and pride of the Yaowarat community.

Most of the bigger hotels in Chinatown are located along Yaowarat Road. The most prominent however is the Grand China Princess at the Ratchawong junction, right in the heart of Chinatown, overlooking the old city and the Chao Phraya.

About a kilometer down Yaowarat Road turn left into Ratchawong Road another street full of vendors selling everything from stickers, deep-fried snacks to roasted chestnuts. Ratchawong Road has two significant landmarks in Chinatown.

Fifty meters after turning into Rachawong Road you'll encounter a tall Chinese arch to a narrow soi on the left. During the Lunar New Year in 2004, this soi, Soi Phalittaphon, was renamed Soi Sun Yat Sen, after the father of the Chinese revolution who visited Chinatown Bangkok in 1908, during his tour of South East Asia to raise money from the overseas Chinese for the revolution.

Walking through this narrow soi, the visitor would have to cope with the crowds of shoppers and the frequent passage of vehicles. The shops and stalls along this packed soi sell a wide variety of goods and even Christmas trees.

Further along Rachawong Road is an even narrower soi to the right. The soi is so congested that it's barely passable to human traffic. Packed with stalls on either side, it would take a very determined shopper to weave his way through.

It's difficult to imagine that this is the famous Soi Sampheng or Soi Wanit where the original Chinese settlers first moved in and started Chinatown in 1782.

At the end of Rachawong Road is the Rachawong Pier on the Chao Phraya River. If you are coming by boat, this is the pier to alight and start your of Chinatown in reverse. If you have arrived by road, you may wish to leave by boat for a change.

A tour of Chinatown Bangkok provides a fascinating insight into a very different way of life. The busy streets are a melting pot of communities engaging in trade and commerce at every level – a legacy of the early Chinese immigrants and their enterprise.

Chinatown Bangkok is one of the old treasures in Tour Bangkok Legacies, a historical travel site on renowned places preserved for posterity, the momentous events surrounding these places and the legendary figures who left these legacies in the landscape of Bangkok. The author Eric Lim, a free-lance writer, lives in Bangkok Thailand.

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pak-klong-talatCome up for some sweet-smelling air in the Pak Klong Talat of Bangkok. It is the best place to take a break from your culinary extravaganza in the city and attain a sense of calm and sensory spur with some olfactory and visual delights. Pak Klong Talat ('Talat' means 'Market') is the biggest flower market in Bangkok city of Thailand. Sprawling along the unruffled Chao Phraya River, the mottled magnificence of the market, with its exotic range of flowers, provides a unique shopping experience in the city.



Every morning, floral vendors from the various flower-growing alcoves of the Kingdom meet and entirely transform the atmosphere of the roadside of Pak Klong. Colorful posies of lily, jasmine, marigold, roses, orchids, chrysanthemums and daisies deck the stalls and pour out their aromas throughout the market area. In fact, the floral spread is truly soporific, with the breathtaking colors and fragrance of flowers spreading to large distances around the area.

Excellent Stay
by C.R., New Zealand - Aug 18, 2008

Great hotel and great staff.

My experience with this property took place in: Aug 14, 2008My visit was for: Tour and SightseeingAge Group: 35-49My reasons for choosing this hotel: Sightseeing Trips / Tours, Great food / Wine, ShoppingWould I recommend this hotel to my best friend? Certainly

(Top Preis-Leistungsverhältnis ! - Top Value for Money)

Kein 5-Sterne Hotel, aber um Längen besser als erwartet. Betten himmlisch, Zimmer gut - alles top-sauber. Riesen Frühstücksbuffet. Mit gebackenem Reis und gebackenen Nudeln und nat-. sonstigen warmen Gerichten. OK - wer Wert auf einen Pool legt sollte sich etwas anderes suchen. Der Pool hat eher das Format eines eckigen Whirlpools. Er liegt in einer Ecke der Dachterasse, die man rundum begehen kann und damit einen tollen Blick über die Stadt hat. Dort befindet sich auch einDach-Restaurant, das auch Süßkram und Kuchen anbietet. Reischt um die Kids mal mittags ins wasser hüpfen und ein Eis essen zu lassen. Ansonsten hochzufriefden !
Translation from German by Grande Ville Hotel :

Not a 5 star hotel but way better than expected. Beds are superb, Rooms are good. All is top clean. Big breakfast buffet with baked rice and baked noodle and other warm dishes.

OK- for those who put an importance on laying in a pool aught to look for something else for themselves.

The pool has rather a form of a square whirlpool that is laid in a corner of the rooftop terrace. A man can immerse oneself completely in the pool and has the nice view over the city.
There you will also find a rooftop restaurant that offer sweet desserts and cakes. Enjoy your time with the kids at noon in the water, leaping and jumping and eating ice-cream.

Apart from that, very satisfied !

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(Schönes Hotel in guter Lage zu allen Sehenswürdigkeiten – Beautiful hotel in good location to all attraction sights)

Haben Bangkok zum ersten mal bereist und dieses Hotel via Internet gebucht, was den eigentlichen Preis für dieses Hotel etwas schmälerte. Ohne große Erwartungen angekommen, wurden wir sehr freundlich und hilfbereit empfangen. Die beindruckende Lobby stimmt nicht ganz mit den etwas in die Jahre gekommenden Zimmer überein. Zimmer etwas rustikal aber sehr ruhig und sauber. Einen wunderbaren Ausblick auf die Stadt wurde durch die hohe Lage des Zimmers ermöglicht. Fitnessbereich und Jacuzzi nur gegen Gebühr nutzbar. Das Personal war überaus hilfsbereit und organisierte auf Wunsch Reservierungen und Transportmöglichkeiten. Das Frühstücksbufett war reichhaltig und gut. Alles in allem ein GUTES Hotel

Translation from German by Grande Ville Hotel :
Have traveled to Bangkok for the first time and booked this hotel via the internet that the actual price for this hotel was reduced. Without setting any high expectation, we were welcomed in the very friendly and helpful manner. The awe-inspiring lobby was surely not in line with the outdated room. The room was rustic-style but very quiet and clean. The wonderful view of the city on the high spot was what the room permitted. Fitness and Jacuzzi were available only at reasonable price. The hotel personnel were eminently helpful and organized reservation and transportation possibility as you wish. The breakfast buffet was rich and good. All in all, a good hotel.

From :

This Hotel is the best value in Bangkok near all the best tourist and shopping spots. Beautiful decor throughout the hotel. I could only find fault with the selection of TV stations, but in Bangkok there's too much to do to care!

From :

Pulito ma la zona (cinatown) è troppo caotica
Translation from Italian by Grande Ville Hotel :

Clean but the area (Chinatown) is quite chaotic.

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Considering the low price through Agoda I was expecting less than what we received. Smoke free spacious room overlooking Bangkok. Excellent breakfast buffet. I have lived in Bangkok many years. Suggestions: Walk a ways from the hotel for "meter" Taxi. Upgrade to superior if possible for a nice room. Only a few bucks more. This hotel in Chinatown is like a hidden gem of a place. I was very impressed.

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