Grande Ville Hotel Bangkok

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The Grande Ville was a wonderful spot. You could really feel the fresh air within the cozy rooms. Grande Ville was found within the lively, hectic small business place associated in the far east Village, in the business center of Bangkok. Within a few blocks you could find: delights, trinkets, toys, devices, products, instant clothing, jewelry. On top of that there were enough meal outlets for you to tickle your tastebuds.home

And only a couple of minutes coming from every featuring you can find a number of Bangkok’s points of interest: the Brow with the Emerald green Buddha, the venerable Brow with the Lying Buddha, the Marbled Brow, the persuading Chao Phya Water.

captionStep into your new home that was sumptuously built with relaxing pastel colors that perfectly complemented the decor and the carpets. Huge TELLY, channeled having function, icebox as well as mini-bar, were just some of the standard amenities.

These combine to turn Grande Ville into an enjoyable spot to assist your vacation.

Grande Ville Remain is available having Chinatown property associated with Bangkok. The place associated with Grande Ville Remain may be 903 Mahachai Route, Wangburapa Phanakorn Bangkok 10200, Thailand. Have a look at area details associated with Grande Ville Remain intended for additional basic parts.

However, it is now known that the Grande Ville Hotel, has permanently closed, most likely due to increased competition among the high end hotels in the city. The quality just couldn’t match the burgeoning quality of all the other hotels that were springing up around the city. Since all these other hotels had plentiful financial backing, and the Grande Ville was lacking in this department, it simply could not match the quality of the other hotels and a decision was made to shut down.

This site, was put on hold about a year and half ago, as the hotel attempted a “comeback”. But given the current status as a closed hotel, we have revived this website as a testimony to the glory that the Grande Ville hotel once was. We will also attempt to keep visitors abreast of any news associated with the re-opening (if any) or fallout from the hotel.

It can be quite jarring when a famous hotspot that visitors are used to simply disappears from a beloved city. So this site will do its best to keep the memories alive and inform our readers of the current status of any negotiations or updates to the historical hotel.

Here is the skyscraper towering associated with Siam.  It was well the occupied in the Tiongkok Town , nearby the powerful Chaophraya (River with the King). Jacuzzi Pool
Remaining places associated with Grande Ville Remain are typically offered to assist friends intended for a lot more getaway overnight accommodation. Thai Staffs provided non-profit services that were popular with a certain type of traveler. The normal holiday resort facilities of the Grande Ville offered were: Banquet Functions, Bar/Lounge, Coffee shop, Saftey Deposit Boxes.

1276576_113_zVacationers could reap the benefits of all around selected inn workplaces associated with Grande Ville Motel as recorded under:

  • Banquest Facilities
  • Coffee Shop
  • Safety Deposit Boxes
  • Bar/Lounge

Providers in Bangkok Grande Ville Lodge:

TheGrande Ville Lodge was designed for tourists with a high end taste within Bangkok. Having critical lodging location and amenities. The Grande Ville Lodge enthusiastically helped consumers with any kind of local purchase. You could find just about all lodge rewards which have been readily available in Grande Ville Lodge such as:

  • Babysitting
  • Money Exchange
  • Room Service
  • Clothing Service
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The Grande Ville Website & its Marketing

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What’s the news? Well we have chosen the SEO vendor for our website:!

What is our marketing strategy and why are we talking about it right now?  As you may know the Grandville Hotel website notified you last year that the hotel was undergoing a lot of upgrades and changes. Well unfortunately it looks like the hotel had to close down.  So we have put up this website to help folks understand the status of the hotel.

To get the word out effectively we are going to do some basic SEO on this site, so that the information is not lost to posterity.

This article aims to provide a helpful overview of what good SEO for a hotel website actually means.

#1 Map Packs:

For a hotel being in the Google Map Pack is critical. Hotels are a commodity driven business and when looking for a hotel, people expect that you will be have a cut and dried listing in the area of your hotel. That’s what the Google Map Packs are. They are the simple “business listings” that often appear about 1/3 of the way down the first page.

So how do you get in the Map Pack? Well the best thing you can do is build Citations (which is one reason we hired Citations are simple directory listings in places like, yelp, and other local business directories.

#2 Travel Websites:

Make sure you claim your listing. This is much more than a directory listing, as it is the #1 place for people place their reviews and look for hotel bookings with their travel points.  Make sure you are listed and have good pictures, update any feature you can within your account. Do this for all the Trip Advisor competitors as well. Pro Tip: Geo Tag your photos!

#3 The Site Basics:

Make sure your site is up to par (or above it) on all the basics:

Content: Do you inform your users of the highlight of the hotel, do you include a story about its history? Do you let them know how to book a room and how to book a banquet hall?  Do you have pictures of the rooms, and links to the travel amenities (airport, taxi, shopping etc…) that travelers will need?  Think this through, its important to have on your site.

Site Speed: Site speed is important for any site, but if you have wonderful photos of your hotel (and you should) you’ll want to make sure your site loads quickly.

#4 Titles & Descriptions:

Do the H1 Tags, Page titles, and meta descriptions give relevant information for your content?  The Google wants users to see very quickly what your site is about before they even send them to it. So its important that your site does these little things right so Google can correctly categorize your site.

#5 Backlinks:

If you’re website is all alone in a desert by itself, it’ll never get noticed by the search engines. The key to high rankings is links from other sites, links that are well established and recognized as authoritative will pass “link-juice” to your website. So it is to your advantage to create content that will provide value to readers so they will link back to your site.

These are by no means “all” the SEO factors that our vendor is applying to our website, but we think this is a good overview of some of the most important low hanging fruit to get us started.  We look forward to your continued interest in our website, and hope to provide you ongoing information about the Grande Ville Hotel!

Hotel Marketing Infographic

Hotel Marketing Infographic

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